Website Translation / Localization

Over the last few decades, business communities have expanded their network across the globe. Markets are not restricted to local boundaries anymore but have grown to envelop cross-border and intercontinental arenas. The trend of mergers, take-overs, amalgamations and joining hands is gaining popularity and is, in fact, the need of the hour because size does matter. Developing and marketing websites for expanding business in all sectors is our specialization. We can translate your files/Websites professionally. Your graphics can be redesigned to include new Indian or foreign language text. Complete websites will be returned ready to be put on the Internet.

The website production and development team at ILA Translation Services receives training that is ongoing in nature and familiarizes the team members with the latest tools available for faster and accurate conversion and maintenance of updates of the multilingual websites. Our DTP operators have been handling such projects with skill using the state of the art software applications that result in world-class products ready to compete with the best in the business.

All the specifications of website localization like suitability of aesthetic outlook, formal appearance, delivery of web pages using meta-tags and code formats, re-configuration of image formats and placement of translated texts in already existing graphics are taken care of by experts at ILA. This results in retaining the originality of the projected idea and blending it with the locally adopted and followed trade practices, economic laws and regulations, product feasibility and other aspects of localization. India is one of the fast emerging markets in the Asian region and each day sees launch of new international products, brands and hospitalities. Of late, India has become a hot destination for tourism also. In order to help the internationally acclaimed business houses and stores gain access and create a firm foothold in India, ILA Translation Services offers such first-timers with creating a new website or converting their existing website in English into any of the Indian languages that can be transported to the server easily. Periodic updates are also taken care of by ILA.