Technical Translation

With the manifold increase in globalization and inter-continental businesses, there is an imperative need of translating initially the advertising and business development papers, profile documents, online systems and procedures followed by localization of software/websites. ILA Translation Services sensed the need of the hour and has engaged a team of professionals who are experienced in the fields of language translations and take care of local nuances, scenarios, topographical topicalities and legalities and ensure that the last product delivered blends well with the target audience and conforms to the regional set-ups and standards. Besides translations; layouts; formatting and graphics are discussed with the client and wherever needed, are adapted to the local standards upon confirmation by the client.

ILA Translation Services has earned the reputation of being a trusted supplier of technical translations to its global clients who deal with computer hardware and software, fixed and wireless telephony, heavy machinery, laboratory equipment and apparatus, social securities and number of other products. Website and software localization has been our forte. Please contact us for all your translation and localization needs and we assure you of the highest quality that will be delivered on time. Customer satisfaction is our motto and you can rely on us for your translation needs that can be from any of the fields.

We at ILA understand the diverse needs of our clients and our translation procedure involves taking cognizance of various fundamentals that result in a high-quality and cost effective product. The first step that the production team at ILA takes is identification and allocation of a project to such a project manager who has the requisite expertise and enough experience in the relevant field. Then a team of native language translators is chosen, either from in-house resources or from a pool of freelancers or both, who have the experience of working on similar projects and are well acquainted with the subject matter, target language nuances and area-specific beliefs and traditions. Thereafter, members of the team are provided with the feed-back surrounding the client's needs and requirements and the properties of the product in question. The initial submissions are then edited by expert editors and suitable changes are made in order to ensure as if the document has originally been conceived in the target language. After this step, the proof-reader thoroughly proofreads the document for any spelling or punctuation errors followed by meticulous and careful review by the project manager. Adhering to this flow-chart results in error-free and accurate translations.

ILA ensures replenishment of knowledge and expertise of its workforce and team of translators by imparting frequent trainings through which they are made aware of the rapidly changing terminologies, procedures and methodologies. Some clients prefer providing on-site trainings. ILA always believes in investing towards uplifting the knowledge and enhancement of skills which results in maintaining an edge over the competitors and keeping pace with the increasingly tight time-lines and ever-changing work environments.