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Dubbing is the specialized process of overlapping the spoken dialogue in a movie, TV show or documentary with the similarly meaning dialogue in the language understandable to the target audience. Dialogue conversion process takes place with the underlying importance of synchronized lip movement, voice modulation and sound frequency and should match the credentials of the original. ILA Translation Services has invested in acquiring the latest conversion tools and dubbing software besides engaging the best available artistes so that the final product delivered is in tandem with the original sound-track. Dubbing has edged past subtitling and voice-overs in today's multi-media environment though the latter still have a sizable foot-hold in the industry.

ILA Translation Services offers fast, accurate and reliable dubbing services, including translation of text and the recorded foreign sound-tracks and final dubbing. If you are looking for dubbing/voice-over for feature films, television commercials, instructional or promotional videos, we can provide native-speaking professional talent in Indian languages.


Subtitling is the specialized process of multimedia conversion of a spoken dialogue in a movie, TV show or documentary to a printed statement in the language of the target audience that is appended at the bottom of the moving pictures or at the top as a superscript if the customer desires so. This makes the spoken dialogue understandable to the person watching the scenes who reads the subtitles that depict the meaning. ILA Translation Services offers the highest quality, computer generated subtitles for feature films, TV serials, documentaries etc. in Indian languages. We have fonts and full character sets for all Indian languages i.e., Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, Oriya, Marathi, etc. The qualified and experienced team at ILA has provided subtitles to number of movies, TV show episodes and documentary films and has the ability to customize the products according to our elite clients' needs.

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