Software Translation / Localization

ILA Translation Services provides localization for software besides online Help, Documentation and Multimedia. Software localization involves an intricate process of translation and subsequent adaptation of the clients' software into another language. The end product, which has been localized, should retain the usefulness of the original as well as possess the highest quality of translation. One of the major problems lies with the layout of the on-screen text that tends to swell by about one-fourth when translated into another language. This problem or hurdle, as we may like to call it, was the biggest to overcome and thanks to the commitment of the ILA team, the issues of software-language worthiness are resolved to the satisfaction of the cross-section of clients.

The process of localization involves taking up a project related to a product, a merchandise item or a service and it's presentation in the target country for sale and use in such a manner that it blends very well linguistically and culturally. To make a product marketable overseas for a foreign user in the same manner as for a domestic user, localization is not limited to mere translation but demands a through knowledge of the target language, cultural nuances and linguistic connotations.