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All translation exercises will go in vain if not complemented with top-quality desktop publishing. Desktop publishing teams at ILA Translation Services are well trained in formatting on line and printed documentation to mirror the original text and graphics. ILA provides support in MS Office, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, Adobe Acrobat etc.

We are pleased to provide layout and photo setting by using foreign language software and typesets for documents, newspaper and magazine ads, advertising collateral, packaging, manuals, business cards and more.

Transcription is the reproduction of any spoken word, phrase or dialogue in audio or video into a written, text format. It is being increasingly required in the fields of diagnosis and treatment, post operative recuperation, subtitling, newspapers and journalistic endeavours. ILA Translation Services has the ability to transcribe any video or audio tape into text. We have transcribers with extensive experience in most subject matters. Our transcribers and translators are professionals in their linguistic skills and expertise.

With the manifold increase in inter-continental business and rapidly growing globalization, there has been a quantum leap in the number of business meetings that are taking place throughout the world. In addition, there has been a steady rise in state-sponsored, inter-governmental visits by the heads of states, delegates, business tycoons and other functionaries. Although English has emerged as the universal language, not all people follow it and here arises the need to avail the services of Interpreters. ILA Translation Services boasts to have a team of professionally trained, specifically experienced native language interpreters.

We can supply an interpreter to meet your specific needs for any type of project. All interpreters at ILA are experienced and able to meet the most challenging, highly technical subject matter assignments. We provide interpretation services after obtaining detailed briefing about your company's culture, expertise as well as product market positioning and unique selling proposals. We specialize in diplomatic exchanges, conventions, conferences, business meetings, product launches and presentations. ILA Translation Services ensures that all interpretation assignments are handled with utmost confidentiality.


Out of millions of products available worldwide, thousands of brands and labels have received international recognition and many more thousands may be vying to find international acceptance amidst new and emerging international markets.

If you are targeting a new market, ILA Translation Services will evaluate brand, product names, devise creative concepts, marketing strategies and ensure the success of your efforts. We check the brand and product names to ensure that these names do not have negative/obscene meanings from the view point of different languages.


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