Medical Translation

Over the last few decades, modern civilization has seen an appreciable change in the Quality of Life and a remarkable increase in mortality rate. But still there are people especially from the third-world communities who are facing starvation and mal-nutrition resulting in death and disease. Entire world is seeing a deluge of researches, experiments and product efficacy testing to alleviate the down-trodden people from these sufferings. ILA Translation Services has emerged as the leading collaborator and has been providing services since 1992 to the premium research groups, bio-tech and bio-medical institutions, clinicians, genetic decoders, pharmacists, veterinarians and super-speciality training centres spread in India and abroad.

ILA has continuously been investing in upgrading and honing the skills of the experienced translation teams associated with medical translations in order to keep them abreast about the rapid changes and the giant strides that the medical fraternity all around the world has taken. Be that the in-depth knowledge about the composition of products or the use of contemporary terminology and phraseology, complexity of the subject matter or the target audience profiles; our medical translation experts have been keeping pace with the changes by constantly upgrading the database in their respective languages. The elite panels of translators, editors, reviewers, proof-readers and multilingual desktop publishers at ILA Translation Services have together delivered world-class products to a wide array of internationally acclaimed customers.

ILA recognises the diverse needs of all corporate customers and customizes the medical products according to the requirements and necessities associated with the area, location, target audience and subject matter. Extensive discussions are held at every stage with the developers and authors of the original documents. We acknowledge the paramount importance of quality and our experienced teams of reviewers and quality checkers ensure that all the deliveries pass through the most strict quality-control processes. ILA Translation Services engages native speakers possessing master's degrees and PhD degrees in their respective languages besides being proficient in healthcare, scientific and medical translations and having an average experience of fifteen years. The deliveries are executed through highly qualified DTP experts who are well-versed with the latest publishing tools and state of the art technologies.

ILA has nurtured relationships with leading pharmaceutical companies, medical research institutes and prominent bio-medical laboratories throughout the world since 1992 now and is recognised as the most bankable business partner. Our clients in the field include:

a) Pharmaceutical companies
b) Healthcare equipment manufacturers
c) Bio-medical laboratories
d) Medical research institutes
e) Diagnostic researchers
f) Clinical researchers