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Localization is the process of adapting the contents of any printed or spoken material according to the cultural nuances, demography, local practices, political environment and religious beliefs of the target audience so that the intended product does not look offending in any manner. No company would like to lose out on forthcoming probable business if the product-launch is patchy and not in-tune with the adopted or practised beliefs and customs of the target audience or area. It needs considerable expertise and extensive knowledge about the target area and the assimilation of locally adopted practices into the conversion of material from one language to another.

Translation is not just a verbatim conversion from one language to another with a faithful adherence to only the words and phrases. It is rather about conveying the whole idea, meaning, thought or intention and makes the conversion suitable and comprehensible to the target audience. Strict adherence to the word-for-word translation format will result in tardy transfer of meaning and the intention of converting a document from one language to another will be defeated. It requires years of experience and comprehensive knowledge about the area, language nuances, popular beliefs and traditions, customs and practices and behavioral patterns of the people for whom the translation is meant. The final product should take into account all such aspects and come out with the acceptable, localized product.

We at ILA offer complete solutions in language related to software and website localization, Technical translation, Medical translation and multilingual desktop publishing. Our professionalism is reflected in the capability of our translators and engineers who are committed to translate your Resources, Help and Documentation files for a flawless and hassle-free operation in the target language ambience.

ILA Translation Services integrates the services of in-house translators as well as those of freelancers with a trained team of experienced, multilingual DTP operators, editors, proof-readers and quality checkers. Depending upon the clients' needs; our DTP operators can process typography in both Macintosh as well as Windows compatible computers using fonts from an extensive pool as per the requirements. We have the expertise to use unicode fonts that are widely acceptable and presently in vogue throughout. Armed with the latest software versions, translation teams at ILA ensure faster deliveries with strict adherence to the layout and format of the original documents with the only changes pertaining to the demands and necessities of localization. Needless to add, such deviations and changes are got ratified by the authors and clients after discussions and thorough explanations.

ILA Translation Services has knowledgeable and experienced, professionally trained localization teams that can deal in software, website and a host of other localizations. We value our clients' intention of going global and spreading their businesses far and wide and deliver products that gel well with the business promotion and are perfectly harmonized with the local business environment and trade practices. A perfect co-ordination between all teams like translation, software savvy, website building, editors, DTP operators, proof-readers, linguistic checkers, quality assurors, graphic designers, layout approvers etc. responsible for localizations ensures that the timely delivered product matches the quality-standards and serves the clients' purpose of widening the business network throughout the globe.

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