ILA Translation Services combines top-notch quality with competitive price structure and puts special emphasis on excellent customer service. The result has been an ever widening circle of highly satisfied customer base and this has been achieved through sheer hard work, meticulous compliance with the laid down highest quality standards and working tirelessly to retain the industry leader status since 1992. ILA Translation Services is the best language translation agency that you can choose because we provide:

1) Highest quality services at most affordable and competitive prices

2) Allocation of jobs to individual project managers thereby ensuring personalized services

3) Meeting deadlines, timely deliveries and ensuring rush-order deliveries within specified time

4) All services under one roof i.e., translation, formatting, graphics, layouts and eventual desktop publishing

5) Wide ranging experience of Website and Software Localization with 100% customer satisfaction

6) Extensive pool of in-house resources comprising of translators, proof-readers, editors, DTP operators, interpreters and website and software professionals

ILA Translation Services has been standing on the leader's pedestal because we know that nothing short of total quality is acceptable in today's climate of cut-throat competition, supremacy and assertiveness. We strive hard to retain the originality of your product and don't allow the concept behind the projection to meander away because of shoddy translation. You can safely rely on ILA Translation Services for all your translation related needs and join the widening circle of our most satisfied business partners and clients who can vouch for our responsiveness, competitive edge and superiority over our competitors.

ILA Translation Services processes all documents through various stages viz. translation, editing and proof-reading followed by phase wise treatment in the DTP department. Layout and graphics homogeneity is ensured along with Quality Assurance. This apparently rigorous treatment negates the possibility of any error or defect and all the deliveries of localized products bears the stamp of trust and belief that our company has earned since 1992 and should be expected by you from your localization partner.

ILA believes that you expect your localized website, software and other products to be as effective in conveying the essentials as it has been in the original language along with the blending of local facts, traditions, realities, topicalities and appropriateness. ILA takes into account all such technicalities and the delivered products have the regionally acceptable interface, icons, messages, and help and installation files. When localized files are ready for transferring to servers, QA team at ILA checks and certifies that the same are functional and linguistically correct. We value the trust that you repose in ILA Translation Services and make sure that you enter emerging markets and economies with such a presence that goes well with the target group and environment. Our language base comprises of nearly 20 languages, both Indian and Asian, and we have the resources to tackle any programming software or language. We assure you of timely delivery of your localized website that can be transferred to any server straightaway and that too within a reasonable price-band.

ILA Translation Services has gained vast experience in professional translation, website and software localization and our teams process all such projects after meticulous planning and through phase-wise implementation. Our workflow includes minutely scrutinizing and analyzing the clients' requirements, studying the source files followed by extraction of translatable material and formats and subsequent integration of client inputs. The streamlined material is then translated for being regionally acceptable. Localization of a website means that the existing and potential customers are able to identify with your projections in the website and correspond with you in that very language. Various teams at ILA endeavour to make this interaction meaningful, fruitful and easily comprehensible which, in turn, translates into more business and newer collaborations.

CONFIDENTIALITY - As our tagline "Quality and Confidentiality is our Motto" suggests; we lay equal emphasis on Confidentiality. We are aware that increasing worldwide competition has led to the adoption of utmost secrecy and protection of business methodologies amongst the internationally reputed and even not so big companies. ILA Translation Services values the importance of such strategies especially when millions are at stake and we have incorporated bilateral, confidentiality agreements in our contracts with all our translators, project managers, proof-readers, editors, DTP operators, quality assurors, reviewers and all other vendors. On our part, we are always ready and happy to enter into any confidentiality agreement with our clients if it safeguards their confidentiality related issues and mitigates any such concerns.