The tagline of ILA Translation Services is "Quality and Confidentiality is our motto". Quality is of paramount importance and ILA ensures delivery of a flawless product that gives an impression as if it has been produced originally in the translated language. Benchmarks for quality include accuracy, harmonization and easy comprehension. Our Quality Assurance is a result of four-pronged methodology that is adopted to ensure error-free delivery. This methodology begins with ascribing the project to the most relevant project managers, translators, editors and proof-readers who have sufficient experience in the project-related field. After that, depending upon the nature and perspective of the project, the team is encouraged to prepare a glossary of frequently used terms and phrases. After this the steps of translation, editing, proof-reading, harmonizing, localizing and formatting the text follow as per the clients' demands. Lastly, the quality assurance is undertaken by a tester who validates the piece of work and ensures that it is error-free and ready to be delivered.

ILA Translation Services recognises Quality as the hallmark of success and at the cost of being a bit immodest takes pride in proclaiming that we are the largest language translation service provider in India. You can approach us for any of your translation or localization needs and let our deeds do the talking. We have achieved and retained our present status by adhering to the most strict quality-control procedures and parameters without taking short-cuts. Our leadership in the industry since 1992 is a result of our dedication and commitment to deliver quality-product and value for money at most affordable prices. We have created terminology glossaries for telephony, software and website localization projects as they are quite large and voluminous and are continuous in nature. Consistency in usage of repetitive phrases and terms is of paramount importance in such projects, and we ensure that by resorting to carefully crafted glossaries. The finished and ready to deliver product passes through expert and meticulous screenings of quality-assurors stationed at ILA Translation Services. We always keep on investing in trainings and regular updating of knowledge in tune with the current trends so that our teams don't stagnate and become outdated.